WoW Classic, Eternal Palace progress

by I'mTheTad, 170 days ago

Greetings DotP!

Congratulations on our raiders for their progress in the Eternal Palace. Only one boss lies between our guild and Queen Ashzara!

In other news, the launch of Classic WoW is fast approaching and guild leadership has been asked several times about the possibility of a “Defenders of the Pass” Classic.

After some discussion, the leadership team has decided that “yes”, we will be creating a Defenders of the Pass on one of the Classic PVE realms - the Pagle realm, as the time zone lines up with Eldre’Thalas and Korialstraz.

It should be noted that guild leadership is focused on what brings our characters together to game.  At this time that means DotP’s main priority will be the current content, but there will be Classic guild activities and we will be coordinating schedules between current and Classic events to prevent conflict and (as always) to help everyone enjoy the game as much as possible.  Additional details will be posted in the News section of the website and on the Discord server as our plans for Classic become better fleshed out.

I look forward to seeing all of you in game!

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DotP is coming for the Zandalari king!

by I'mTheTad, 353 days ago

The Defenders of the Pass have successfully cleared all bosses up to, and including Conclave in the Battle for Dazar'Alor. Next stop Rastakhan!

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