Tomb Raided!

by Tadpo, 82 days ago

DotP has cleared Normal mode Tomb of Sargeras and is now four bosses deep in Heroic! Nice work everyone!

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Normal Nighthold cleared + 4 down in Heroic Nighthold

by Tadpo, 227 days ago

Gul'dan has been sent packing, Illidan freed, and we have cleared Heroic Skorpyron, Heroic Chronomatic Anomaly, Heroic Trilliax, and just recently, Heroic Krosus. Good job DotP!

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DotP progressing through Nighthold!

by Tadpo, 311 days ago

Good job Defenders, so far Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax, and Krosus down, and Botanist Tel'arn is close!

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