GM's note: We know that some parts of the Charter are antiquated (like the looting rules), but we are keeping them here for posterity until we can find a way to modernize the charter while keeping both the essence of who we are and preserving the historical information.  When your guild started back in February of 2005, there's bound to be a few things which need updating. :)  For current information on Defenders of the Pass, see our Looking for Info on Dotp?  Check here! thread


Defenders of the Pass was formed as a guild for mature players who have real lives and real responsibilities outside of World of Warcraft. The primary focus of DotP is to encourage a sense of community.  We support our members by providing the means to connect for quests and instance groups via our website and guild chat, and by fun events that are open to all members. We believe in helping our guild-mates achieve the ability to participate in quests, instances, raids, and end game activities. Here you'll find an active, sharing, and friendly group of helpful folks. Foremost, we all want to have fun. That is why we play the game.

The following are the rules and guidelines that all Defenders of the Pass members must adhere to. If you have a concern that a Defenders of the Pass member has acted in a manner incongruous with our Charter, please contact an Officer.

Code of Conduct

Remember – Each guild member’s actions reflect on the guild as a whole. It is our desire to have the best reputation on the server.

  1. Defenders of the Pass members treat their Alliance allies with the respect accorded a comrade. While most infractions of this regard are simple common sense, it is important to point out that 'Ninja-looting' (the practice of taking an item that a party has not resolved the ownership of via Master Looter, snatching an item that everyone has passed on, etc.) is expressly frowned upon and is grounds for immediate removal from the guild. Other antisocial activities such as; intentional kill-stealing, training mobs onto other players, or otherwise taking advantage of others will not be tolerated.
  2. Defenders of the Pass members treat our Horde enemies with the respect accorded an honorable foe. As PvP is a voluntary activity on our server, there is no reason that any battle between the factions should be taken personally. Defenders of the Pass members will not /spit on their enemies, or otherwise treat them with disrespect. Further, intentionally griefing the opposition (e.g. repeatedly killing quest-related NPC’s) will not be tolerated
  3.  Defenders of the Pass members will adhere to the bounds of acceptable decency, and will not resort to an excess amount of foul language or otherwise verbally assault others. Further, any racist, sexist, or other bigoted behavior will result in immediate removal from the guild.
  4.  Defenders of the Pass members will strive to keep our own guild community free of drama and bad blood. Intra-guild grievances will not be aired in the guild channel, and all parties should seek out the involvement of an Officer to settle any disputes. We are proud of our guild's sense of community and members disruptive to the enjoyment of the guild will be removed.

Guild Chat

We have grown beyond expectations and have a very social group. We don’t want to stop the fun, social aspect of the game. We just want to make it manageable in guild chat. Keep in mind we have a diverse group of people in our guild. Conversations should be appropriate for any age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion. Examples of inappropriate use of guild chat include: spamming every move you make in the game, typing in ALL CAPS, excessive swearing or offensive language, and repeatedly using guild chat when party chat or whispers are more appropriate.


Looting Rules (Need before Greed)

In general, loot distribution is determined by the party. These rules are primarily for all-guild groups. General guidelines are:

  • Looting rules should be set to Group Loot for the purposes of spreading out the vendor loot.
  • Any Bind On Equip (BOE) items may be rolled on by all party members regardless of whether or not it can be used. If you lose the roll on a BOE that you really want, feel free to ask the winner if they would consider giving it to you. Many times they would be willing to let you have it.
  • When a Bind On Pickup (BOP) item drops, everyone passes on the item. Once everyone has passed, everyone for whom it would be an upgrade rolls. High roll wins the item. If it is not an upgrade the item will be rolled on for vendor loot or, if one is present, given to an enchanter to disenchant for end loot.
  • In raids, loot rules will be established by the Raid Leader of the raid ("L" by the name in raid window).

Raiding Policy

DotP has an active and successful raiding contingent, with regularly scheduled raids. We strive to maximize our enjoyment of the game in the time we have available to play. What could be better than raiding with people you know and trust? Due to the level and dedication of our members, Defenders of the Pass-only raids are the norm. Who has your back? Your guild members do!

Recruitment Policy

The strength of our guild is not measured in the number of members we have or how many power players we have. It is measured in our sense of community. We are a mature, fun loving group of players with real life responsibilities. We will grow together. Potential new members are required to go through an application process and players who appear to be a good fit for the guild will be invited to become initiates.

Officer vote on membership

The officers have the authority, by a vote of 3/4 of the officer corps, to remove any full member who has shown themselves to be a poor fit for the guild.

Mains vs. Alts

We make no distinction between mains and alts, except during the initiate phase of membership and for administrative purposes. After you become a full member, you may bring in your alts.

There is an expectation that your guilded character be active, and we will remove any characters the officers deem as inactive after a warning.  In case a person cannot be contacted, we will make a best-effort attempt to reach them by sending in-game mail and GP mail. 


The members of this guild are serious in their devotion to it, and we have an expectation that our members remain active. 

Basically, we want you to participate in the guild social structure.  Logging on once a month to refresh your "Last time on" date isn't considered active.  Our forums are very active and all-guild groups are common.  Once folks get to know you, rarely will you have a problem finding help with that difficult quest or getting some folks to go on that instance run you need.  All-guild raiding is the norm.

If this sounds like a community you wish to be a part of, please go to our home page at and click on the "join this guild" link. You will need to fill out an application. Once this is done, please give us some time to review your application and you will be contacted by a Guild Officer.