Welcome to the Defenders of the Pass website!

Defenders of the Pass (DotP) is a guild made primarily of adults with real life responsibilities (jobs, families, etc.) who also enjoy playing WoW. We are one of the largest guilds on Eldre'Thalas and are involved in just about every aspect of the game. Here you will find people interested in soloing, raiding, instances, crafting - everything from casual folks to hardcore players

So what are the benefits of belonging to DotP? Glad you asked! 

* A caring environment free of rudeness, crassness, and leetspeak. 
* The opportunity to do weekly raids without mandatory raid attendance. 
* The freedom to play the way you want. 
* Guild fun events such as fun runs, lowbie days and instance runs
* A guild-sponsored & supported Ventrilo server

Enjoy your stay here. If you are interested in joining this dynamic, one of a kind guild, please follow the instructions as outlined in the "How To Become A Member" thread found in the "Welcome To DotP" forum.