Emerald Nightmare Normal cleansed, and Heroic Nythendra down

by Tadpo, 89 days ago

Title says it all :) Congratulations on all the hard work Defenders.

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Only Cenarius and Xavius remain standing!

by Tadpo, 110 days ago

Congratulations DotP! Last night we cleared both Elerethe Renferal AND the Dragons of Nightmare (ONE SHOT) in Normal mode Emerald Nightmare. Next week - Cenarius and Xavius! Awesome work everyone, and thanks for the good time.

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Nythendra, Ursoc, and Mythic +

by Tadpo, 120 days ago

Defenders of the Pass downed Nythendra and Ursoc in our first week of raiding in the Emerald Nightmare. Elerethe Renferal and Il'Gynoth, here we come! In additoin, we've been successfully fielding guild groups for Standard Mythic and Mythic + dungeons. Good job everyone! In other news, the first wing of Raid Finder opens this week.

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