Archimonde down, all of HFC cleared!

by Tadpo, 15 days ago

Last night, Defenders of the Pass wrapped up the end of the expansion by killing Archimonde on normal mode and clearing through Council on Heroic! Thank you everyone for the successful raid, and congratulations!

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Demon Hunters & Demon Invasions are almost upon us

by Tadpo, 25 days ago

The Demon Hunter class and Demon Invasion events will unlock on Tuesday, August 9th. We have posted an event on the in game calendar for Tuesday for those interested in fighting the invasions as a guild. Hope to see you there! In order to prepare for the demonic onslaught, Mythic Monday is not posted for Monday, August 8th but is planned to resume the following week.

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First raid after pre-Legion patch!

by Tadpo, 38 days ago

On Wednesday, July 20th, Defenders of the Pass entered into Hellfire Citadel to test out the new class/spec mechanics, and most importantly, just have some fun. Thank you to everyone who came and made it an insanely enjoyable ride! Really looking forward to Friday!

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