Defenders of the Pass to enter the Emerald Nightmare

by Tadpo, 7 days ago

  • The Emerald Nightmare raid is slated to open Tuesday, September 20th. DotP is scheduled to assault the Nightmare, starting with Nythendra. Links to videos and raid guides are posted on our forums. See ya there everyone!

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Defenders of the Pass tackles Legion!

by Tadpo, 11 days ago

Thank you everyone for showing up for our recent posted events. We've been able to run three groups at a time through Legion dungeons for loot and experience - last night we had two heroic groups and one normal mode group going at once and followed that up with a Mythic Maw of Souls. The level of guild activity has been awesome, and YOU made it happen! Keep the team going strong!

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Congratulations Defenders!

by Tadpo, 22 days ago

Congratulations to our first group of level 110 characters! The guild is showing great activity and we already have dungeon and world quest groups taking place.

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