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re: Looking for info on DotP? Check here!

We've gotten a lot of requests from prospective applicants for information on DotP. So here's a brief list of important information followed by a more detailed wall-of-text-esque FAQ:

Key Points for New Prospective Members:

- DotP is made up of adults and family members from all walks of life. Our primary goal is to provide a drama-free, mature environment in which everyone is free to play the way they want to play.

- As part of this, we do not tolerate profanity, sexism, racism, or any sort of insulting or derogatory language in either guild chat or vent.

- Applicants are admitted based on what we think of how you will fit in with our culture and your maturity level. Raiding experience is inconsequential.

- If you want to get accepted, use full sentences, capitalize, don't use words like "l o l" or "ur". Above all, put some real effort into your application and answer the questions.

- To become a full member, you need to gather 3 recommendations from existing members in a period of three months. The best way to gain these is to play with and interact with the guild. As such, it can be difficult for low level toons to gather the necessary recs.

- We have a leadership structure that separates raiding from the guild. This is what has enabled us to stay around for so long. If raid drama happens, the guild persists.

Raiding and PvP

- DotP is not a raiding guild. While we do have an active raiding group, raiding is not in any way necessary for membership.

- We prioritize giving everyone who wants to raid a chance to raid. Progression is NOT a priority. As such, we run no fixed teams and make careful effort to ensure everyone gets sat at an approximately equal rate.

- Performance makes no difference in getting a raid spot. Our highest dpsers are sat at the same rate as our lowest. Currently, sits are based on who has raided the most recently - if you just raided yesterday, for example, you will likely be sat today for someone who hasn't raided in the last few days.

- We do not run rated BGs in the guild (yet), and have a limited presence in arenas. We have a few active pvpers and are always looking for more, but pvp is not a big focus at the moment.

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re: Looking for info on DotP? Check here!

Greetings! We’ve had a lot of people ask about Defenders of the Pass (DotP) in the last few months, and although our charter is publicly viewable many people often ask us questions about guild practices and information that aren’t secret but are posted in our members-only forum. So if you’re looking for some basic information about us, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions. If you’d like more detailed information about DotP or have a specific question, feel free to contact one of our guild officers.

Danilo, GM of DotP

How long have you guys been around?
DotP is one of the oldest guilds on the server (if not the oldest). We were created in February 2005, only a few days into the life of the server. Unlike many of the older guilds on our server, we’ve had continuous leadership for almost all of that time.

Is recruiting open? Are you looking for a specific class, role, or spec?
Recruiting in DotP is always open unless we are near the “toon per guild” cap (as of December 2011, we have about 350 toons belonging to 150 people or so - plenty of room to grow). We do not recruit for a specific class, role, or spec - all are welcome.

What are your guildmembers like?
The members of DotP are primarily adults and their family members. People with real lives who enjoy WoW and put their main focus into DotP. They are people from all walks of life - we have college students, retirees, veterans, stay-at-home parents, academics, blue collar folks, white collar folks - you name it, and we’ve probably had it. What they have in common is enjoyment in various aspects of the game and an understanding that having a mature, drama-free environment greatly increases our enjoyment of the game.

What are you looking for in applicants?
What we’re looking for are basically people who fit in with and would enjoy playing with our current members - we look for maturity and a good overall attitude above all else. We don’t care if you raid or not, if your dps is above a certain level, if you healed the first kill of heroic Ghostcrawler, or if you have maxed your cooking skill. Because we are interested in mature players, we generally will only approve applications from those 18 years and older (although we do make exceptions if there’s an exceptionally solid app from someone a bit younger, or if the applicant is in the immediate family of a current member). One of the big things we look at, and I cannot stress this enough, is the care you took in your application. If you tossed a bunch of brief one-line answers into your application chances are pretty good your application will be declined even if you are good real-life friends with current members. By no means do you need to write something War-and-Peace-esque, but the application is your first impression - make the most of it.

What are your activity expectations?
Our expectations are fairly minimal - we do not require that you raid x% of the time, for example. Our players are people with real lives outside the game, and we understand that. We do expect DotP to be a serious focus of your gameplay time - we’re not a place to stash or level alts while you spend all your time in another guild. What we want you to have is an active guild presence - people should be able to get a sense of who you are over time, whether you’re a raider, a PvP’er, altoholic, mount-collector, reputation fiend, you name it. We do perform guild cleanups of inactive toons (currently every 4 months up from 2 months in the past), and we do have a “Leave of Absence” rank which keeps you in-guild for a year if you need to leave the game for a while.

What is your leadership structure?
DotP enjoys an unusual two-tier leadership structure which has been one of the pillars of our longevity. We have an “Officer Corps” which runs the guild, and underneath that a “Raid Team” which decides raid policies and handles scheduling and rostering. As a new entry into the guild you may deal with both groups - the officers will be the ones checking on your initiate period, and if you decide to raid (which you can do right away if you meet the basic requirements) you will be working with the Raid Team members who lead the raids. The people you will have the most interaction with as a new guildmember are Maddier, who handles a lot of the work with Initiates, and Danilo, our powerful, handsome, well-loved, and extraordinarily humble GM (who clearly is the author of this FAQ).

I am applying on a low-level toon. Is that a problem?
Not necessarily. Where low-level applicants typically have issues is in getting enough recommendations to be promoted (see below for the process). Some low-level initiates have trouble getting to know people enough to get recommendations (let’s face it, a lot of the game activity these days is focused on the level 85-90 set). We have had plenty of initiates who start out at low level make it to member, in part because it’s quick to level these days and in part because we get recommendations based on all sorts of things, not just how you perform in max-level instances and raids.

What happens to me when I get accepted into DotP?
As a newly minted Defender you start out as an Initiate. As an Initiate you may have 1 alt in the guild (this way people can get to you know even if you play more than 1 toon without inflating our roster too much). The initiate period lasts a minimum of 1 month (the “get to know you” phase) and a maximum of 3. You need to get 3 recommendations from current guildmembers to be promoted to Member (or if you have an authenticator, an Authentic Main with increased bank rights). Recommendations are not about how awesome you heal or your dps - it’s whether people like you enough to want to keep you in guild (we get recommendations based on all sorts of things, including having a pleasant presence in guild chat). In general we like at least 1 of those recommendations to come from someone you didn’t already know before joining us (we often get groups of friends applying at once or people who know a guildmember in real life, and we like to make sure you’ll fit in with everyone - not just the people you already know). At the end of the 3 months if you do not have enough recommendations, the officers will hold a private vote to either promote or kick (the “promote” side of the coin is infrequent and usually applied to folks who have 2 recommendations, shown real interest in the guild, and have extenuating circumstances). Since Cataclysm started, we’ve had about 50% of Initiates make Member.

You mentioned Initiates can have 1 alt. What about Members, and how are alts treated in DotP?
Once you are promoted, you can have as many alts in guild as you want, although they are subject to the same “activity” guidelines as anyone else (in fact, most of our guild cleanups remove way more inactive alts than mains). We even have people with a full roster of 10 max level toons, although most only have a few. Our guild treats alts exactly as they do mains - we were “bring the player not the class” way before it became the norm. For DotP purposes “main” vs. “alt” is purely an administrative distinction (how we track member files, etc.).

How is your guild website run? Do you have a Ventrilo or similar server?
We do have a Ventrilo server open to all guildmembers. Both the guild site and the Ventrilo server are paid for via donations. Most of our guild forum activity is in forums visible only to members (in addition the Raid Team and Officers have their own private forums). We use a separate website run by a longtime guildmember to handle raid signups.

What about raiding? How often do you raid, what does it take to get a spot in a raid?
We typically run 2-3 raids of current content per week. We also typically run a "retro" night and a "heroics/scenarios" night which funds guild repairs. To be eligible to go on a particular raid, a toon (main or alt - there’s no difference) must have a gear level appropriate to the instance (these ilvl requirements are publicly posted), gear must be fully gemmed/enchanted, and players are expected to provide food and flasks (we do make generous use of feasts and cauldrons, but you need to be prepared). We are “not hardcore, but serious” about our raids.

How do I get a spot on the elite team for raids? How does rostering work?
If you are looking to get a spot on the elite team for raids you’re looking in the wrong guild - we don’t have an “elite team”. There is no “guild main tank”, or “guild healer lead”, and so on. We do not run fixed raid groups at all, in fact - even within a single week’s timer. Our raid rostering philosophy is that we maximize overall participation in raids. The way we currently do this is that the Raid Team keeps a priority list for players (not mains/alts, but players) who meet the minimum gear requirements. When you go on a current-content raid, at the end of the night your name goes to the bottom of the list. This virtually ensures that nobody will sit 2 nights in a row and encourages participation of new raiders. There is a downside - people will sometimes miss night #2 after going on night #1, and it slows our progression a little (although our raid progression is quite good). The upside is that much more of the guild is “invested” in raiding than in similar guilds, we have lots of geared alts to use in tweaking raid balance, and in general there is much less drama.

Do you have a PvP Team?
We do not at this time (although we do have a PvP lead). We do have people who field various PvP groups, but it is not organized at the same level or with the same scope as raids. If there’s enough interest in the guild to run these groups regularly, we will - one of our guild philosophies is that if there’s enough interest in guild for an activity, we should try to include it under the DotP banner.

What else should I know?
More than we could put here. Happy We are a level 25 guild with all the perks, and have the full set of 8 guild tabs. Gnomes are sacrificed regularly. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact one of our officers.

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